2 poems by Nancy Hünger

tr. from german by natalie ada mariko


This feeling never seemed somehow profane after
feeling was too little for us we drive thru such words
and call it snow we said I SNOW YOU
from my lash-wreaths i snow on you
my little snowy love we said tasting our demand
on our tongues at once cold & warm sugaring
our shoulders driven near air still flowing
in thin canals between our shoulders flowing
such a snow as from Frau Holle's hands flaked
singular kisses over our shoulders or snowed
it already between us was just too much snow
to understand still the snow before the blizzard.


I write a transcript of my longing while flying
under the landscape maybe along the baltic sea
i write my hip snuggles with everyone
so easily isn't that so your face shining on my
hip we must wear grief so indecently near to us
black tulle on my hip is in mourning i write
my longing pours honey and sweat out of every channel
my body oozes honey from every pore flows something
flows me out of my own pores me comes out i become
i change the sheets hourly the honeyed washing entices
bees buzzing my longing's minutes thru
my meadows honey rushes i write the baltic sea.