db (I) "Breaker Echo"

note: the difference btwn self & Other is a variance in desire. (1) what one lacks by one’s own perforated view of s. — a view perforated by s.-borne inadequacies & not by any objective rule — is ‘found’ in the O. & vice versa. if an objective ruling of s. is achievable w/out risking personal destruction, then the instance of s./O. collision may result in (2) a coöperative balancing. these ‘holes’ or instances of lack might then be addressed as neutrally occurrent variability, the s. or O.’s desire or lack-thereof something to be unified into a potentially more coherent fabric. a unified desiring-tendency for cohesion. though, not existing in a vacuum, adopted power structures often prevent this. in some instances (3) desire is entirely absent. the difference is cavernous. one’s view of s. is entirely obscured by a perception of lack—a type of desire we might call either (a) negative desire (there are only O.s) or (b) solipsism (there is only this s.). (1,2,3) in any case, they never touch.

Waves roil w/ crashing foam to carry you

from sand and sinking


and a want to rave, naked; and bleating “love”

to swim too far,


                                                into me recalling

faint whispers of your haunting song's grave

melody, higher than

                                            ocean crests. I gather my sails

                                                                                            to wrap you

in me, lost. “Fall kissed her down / her wanting  

and gave her tides of

                                             silken lust to bury us down deep.”

I want you simply whenever thought arrives,

wanting breaking

                                        just before it reaches the grass, the road.

This is, then, who we are: moulded when we

kissed there, sunset saved,

Braced for the tide coming  

to carry you out and leave me here

                                                                   and carry you here

                                                                                                 and leave me out.

[ver. 2]


to swim, naked,

bleating 'love'; to swim

too far;


i gather

my sails wanting, breaking before


grass, road.


this is who we are:


sand braced for the tide

to carry you

out & leave me

here; to carry you

to leave me



“Breaker Echo”: written 2014, revised April 2015