Lea Schneider, Invasion rückwärts 2014

tr. from german by Natalie Ada Mariko

goats. they're everywhere here, like an odour rising from the earth. each has a black hole always hidden between their horns. at this point they're not particularly deep & can be operated w/out official approval; you shouldn't really hold out for facts either, when only so few exist. locals know how to deal w/ the gaps, capitalise them: feeding-trees in the near surrounds were already harvested by the penultimate generation, hence the goat monopoly. like every established ideology, they legitimise it by generally forgetting its origins. the current situation arose thus unchanged from the state-of-nature, which is a hole you fill w/ goats. it's caught on that once a year everyone gathers for a big harvest fest re the matter. otherwise, you think rather little of it.