on a little mermaid (#TDOR)

i left my sword in the deep coral stone. there's no kingdom awaits a queen, is there. instead i roped myself a mainsail & gunner, stung me w/ their orange harpoons & will not stop the anaphylaxis. we all 3 slip silent behind the fatrolls of a greedy tide, a Trinity of Diversion Inspection Confirmation juggling the gams & fiddling w/ the girdle & lapping drunk on Abenteurlust, gargling briny the whalish Atlantic heartstreams--to Far & Beyond, hi ho. the lamplight shimmers of my mermaid hand stretch from the bowsprit & out over wrecking seas, my heft a strung web of scales & nettles, formless because it fits no Form, but tending like the mouth to shut w/ a clack over any intrusive Legislation. but woe comes ready to all soiled sunders, & a great smacking heaves me aft. those treating oranges descend like testicles about my wriggling amidships, held stiffer & stiffer by the weight of a public document in my breastcage, confirming livelihood salary the ID markers of allspice aniseed turmeric cane sugar rubbed btwn the nipples like a skin--die Opfergegnersprache of Powder & Redness & Land. here now, toiling cubic to please, my hands & arms cuffed to the stowage, candle wick whacking by the bales, & i, soon, from hunger, a shallow firth, a gull, matter like a keel. steering is the act of control, but stillness is the parts-list for boats, the cubit measures & blistered hands of Making, the distended haul from which rowing emerges. & rollicking the quarterdeck like gunslings in Dodge, These drift onto oftcaked sands, begging, & locals look on like adults @ this spectre, this outline, which grows as a puddle does in spring, louder & louder, & then the footfall confirms its physical depth, further than expected. but the orange of sands cares nothing for thrift & so my mash-pulp dealers sing flesh & scales & the keeper of a sacred stone-sound sword. 25 years i wandered nameless as a flicker in the hands-cup of a hull. but now my fins are landlocked as stalks. & the sand is hot. & i have yet to swim.