meditation III (anniversary gift)


(irregular hum
cage clanged
hands a child
stage above
wailing hands
"not traditional
heard upstairs

muffled voices
pig skin thick
father tossed
in the rose

[ENTER] 2 hands
car door summer

windows closed
3 baseballs in
green bucket
placed on stoop
grill signals smoke
firefly onoff glow
in sweating hands

[EXEUNT] except
@ a table
regular hum
"rise & shine")


[VOICE]: Partial list of idiomatic English phrases: [sub.]: by word: [keyword]: 'better': 
                                                      -all the better
                                                      -better be going
                                                      -against my better judgment
                                                      -a damn sight better
                                                      -better dead than red
                                                      -better safe than sorry
                                                      -better the devil you know
                                                      -better fish to fry
                                                      -better than sex
                                                      -get the better of me
                                                      -the least said, the better
                                                      -my better nature
                                                      -a turn for the better
                                                      -seen better days


[MOTHER]: (reading)
                    opens a mouth as if to speak
                    places tea-cup carefully lights
                    a cigarette closing lips round
                    like firefly glows stage right man
                    2 bags thrown @ fridge yelling
                    indiscriminate mother takes child
                    unknowing loses chess pieces
                    down dress zip [. . .]
                    in her chair toward stage lights
                    reading & taking off heels)

                    trails off whispering the end
                    spoils it so no one gets scared
                    [. . .]
child (opens hands to heaven
                    flinches @ imagined raindrops
                    closes eyes)
walking is planted
                    in bad soil [. . .] 

[MOTHER]: (reading)
1st time (a dress is brought on
                    stage left & spread @ her feet)

                    cries like an idiot bleeding anus
                    doesn't stop crying becomes tears
                    moved permanently diner coffee
                    fills suitcase after suitcase nothing
                    remembers child no memory chokes
                    on fragrances: peacock,violet,stone
                    ,cherryoak,river,seasalt,smoke, [. . .]

(hum grows
tucks cock
puts on dress

gives birth
clanging stops
sees her

face "better
fixed good"
alone @ table

upstairs voices
giving thanks