on buying a yoga mat

we're ill.

though there's a cure. & it's not a spiritual deference co-opted from eastern cultural practices. whatever outpours from the west is western by definition. a vague orientalism underpinned by mindfulness, vegetarian/vegan diet books, meditation tapes, & kombucha hardly constitutes deprogramming american society's foundational paradox--i.e., individualism for the collective good. these are abject american revisions, not the undergirding philosophies in-themselves. 

nor (only conservatives will be surprised to learn) can blind conservative pragmatism realign our social chakras. conservatism is antithetical to progress and change--epiphenomena naturally emerging from time. pragmatism -- the desire for stasis (a term too often falsely equivocated w/ peace) -- cannot fix our egocentric neurosis & truly only enables it. silence & caution are food for kings & tins for paupers. &, on a long enough timeline, this caution amounts to reversal.

illness can come w/out symptoms. america writ-large has silenced its violent underbelly under a cloak of optimism since 2008. but optimism, hope, prayers, thought, are pointless platitudes in the absence of action. they're empty baskets to those who demand bread. predominantly white institutions of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, & imperialism are prevalent as ever, but our patience is wearing thin. the hungry are moaning & getting louder. your false god should be trembling.  

revolution in action deprograms. a Blakean knife -- radical, emotive, ANTI-rational revolution; a shucking-away of preconceptions -- is the only weapon against stasis & psycho-socially damaging norms. norms which are only ever a temporal symptom. nothing of a necessity, everything possible.

the wheel turns & we turn in kind.

freedom is not a product.

...but, then, this is my yoga mat--isn't it?