on CV

on acid found keys but couldn't drive

somewhere dropped cocks like breadcrumbs like gretel

wore hospital gown like nightgown found grass felt robin calm blue

took every pill to disney        only rode splash mountain before x-ing giraffe

longing grabbed leaves set off sirens 

jumped train gap 1 last time

this time train speeding in

nearly lost pace on track but hit it stuck it

nothing         puffs like a cloud        flattened

hugged full grown man to death but let him breathe

gave woman 300 to suck on a fire that wasn't burning

told child its red hair was long & listened logged the hours

couldn't see anything but hair

operated outside office hours unbelievably green & sloshed

made gripe about the music

made music about the gripe

individually sinned together

endlessly against        same

swam naked screaming books! as if they carried words

collided w/ muckraker trying to get elected matchstick

couldn't believe it wasn't butter

on ecstasy didn't move from couch but made headmoves like dumbwaiter

slipped into something couldn't get into & broke the zip by mending it

delicate little      orchid like a U-boat bombs     but doesn't hit

felt like change being thrown against pavement

marked weight on the wall w/ notches learned no means denim

invited no one to pool party everyone showed

drank wine but didn't      tip

found indigo hiding in south jutland wearing foolproof fur

water     proof     fur

told a mountain to fuck itself if it knew

what's good for it