on "das Narrenschiff"

she has successfully infiltrated the living
they think so clearly yes she has hands

& a face which can smile can talk produces
something viscous enough to fill a hole

infanitilising blue aren't they a lovely shade
those wide walls behind her cheek calm as

a monkish hum

not a one suspects this hum is an engine
that bride-priced to the bidder she's sold

little cat licks in c# & a smirk for lilies
slunk in the mud-slough like a boot

imported depth like a matching Afghan
tessellated drapes on a windowless wall

...that is until they read her chest plunge
or see the insanity of her saline scrawl

& the matted make-up over tin run
to rust as a limpid hull

(auf Deutsch sagen sie
HÄSSLICH; also hassen“ sie dich,
und es ist deine Schuld)

o! so much for sanity! that winnowing ninny!
that imbecile! that stool-scented heartpump!

flapping toward pretend!

when she's wheeled like an auction vase
into the ambulance twitching w/

the wobbly wheel

so much for laughter

the program has stalled