on the trinkets of dancing birds

"Dear friend,

I will have to sink with hundreds of others

on a dumbwaiter into hell." 

– A.S.


I. [netflix]


ticking ungirdles below


a bell-end post streaming


piss-stains on streets


beat like shoes


caked in mud the mud 


bearing new filaments new


shows shining like wedding


bands tossed to gutters


in jest the toll ungirdles


in full awareness soon


a blue box will open in


which every man is kept


ravers claiming kingdoms one will


break their necks communication


(whatever it was) dies


a camel can't pass but the needle


is there heaven is a lamplight watching


seen from beneath perhaps because maybe watching


eyes will catch & enter 


the ring yellow from the neck


up & slowly the naked flesh


tocking will bend @ the elbow


II. [chill]


of a bud

in tears that weigh as much


as a broken thumb.

of who broke


that thumb? is the wind 

in the babyfaces


of tourists

in the Sendlingerstraße 


begging w/ an empty cup,

as red as this bowing bum?


of nothing but wind

through a red cup hums.